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Header wrap 3 years later.

Roger Lee

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Hi All,


I was just giving an update to the older header wrap post and discussion from a few years back. It has been 3+ years now that I and others have installed the header wrap on the 4 exhaust down tubes. What have been the problems? NONE There have been no reported issue that I have heard about. It has not caused pipes to crack, fall off and hit a golfer on the 18th hole. Although that would be the only thing to get them out of paying the other person for the round he just lost.

It has done a good job protecting the wire insulation, hoses and other items in close proximity to the exhaust pipes radiant heat. It has also help contain any exhaust blow by down by the knuckles. It has helped protect the exhaust springs from the radiant heat. These pipes are stainless and not as susceptible to carbonization as a regular steel exhaust pipe.


So no issues I guess is a good thing to report.





Oh yes I almost forgot.

For those that think the wrap will cover up an exhaust break. I have seen at least a dozen of them on other aircraft, No CT's, and there is absolutely no question that a pipe breaks. It doesn't get a little pin hole. They tend to snap clean across because of the more brittle nature of stainless and you will hear it because sounds like someone just put headers on your exhaust system. The wrap by the way shreds into pieces. So if you had a break the wrap is the first thing to go and in no way hides a problem. There won't be any guess work as to where the break is. No you don't need to remove the wrap to do an exhaust pipe only inspection and if you do you will need to buy new wrap to replace it because if you pull it off you will destroy it. Exhaust breaks tend to be on more high time aircraft with 800 plus hours, but can happen with less.

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