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Marc Ingegno brake pad mod

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Hi Guys,


I have found an issue with the Marc Ingegno Italian brake pads. It's just a design flaw and has an easy fix. It may not even affect all the brakes, but a few and I hope this video will help identify the problem and give you a fix.

As the pads wear down and get thinner the inner pad's metal edge on the inner brake pad starts to strike the edges of the disc screws.(The video said outer pad, but it is the inner pad) It will start to make a clacking and or a metal rubbing sound. It is easy to spot the problem. The fix is to remove the inner pad and grind down the 1.5mm-2mm edge on the outside of the brake pad and the top and bottom corners. You do not need to remove anything more than this metal edge protrusion and don't need to touch the pad itself. You can use a sander or grinder and it only takes about 1 minute. This only needs to be done to the inner pad. Now as the pads wear thin the disc screw can not contact the pad's metal edge.


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