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Spot track from Tucson to Las Vegas and back

Roger Lee

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For the newer people here on the forum here is what a Spot tracker can do. I wish I had remembered to post this before I left so people could have followed along. If you zoom in on the last stop in Henderson Executive Airport you can actually see where we stopped at the fuel pumps and what spaced I parked in for a few days. Nice flight up and back at 3 hrs.





Anybody that has your link can locate you for fun or an emergency and you can press the help button for the real emergency. It is accurate to within about 6' or so. I use it ATV riding, camping, in aircraft and going cross country in the car or motorcycle.

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Very cool.


Not quite so cool, but for those on a budget there's an app called CloudAhoy that provides some of the same functionality for reviewing flights.


And Glympse can let others track you as well.


Far less versatile for rescue, but free if you have an iPhone or iPad - and there may be Android versions as well.

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