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aviation program for iPad

Bobby CAU

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dear my friends in CTFlier,


i would try to use iPad as my navigation system during my flight but i will seek more information first about the software who BEST for iPad like foreflight or airnav or may be something else perhaps.


im using aera 795 now but no weather information included except i have to buy the antenna but then as informed by my friend software like foreflight has provided all in one inside the iPad.


so what i need to have now is an iPad, Bad Elf and the software.


please anyone could help advise me what BEST software i can use for my iPad?.

also, what model of Bad Elf i should buy?.


thanks !!

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'Best' is pretty subjective and is highly personal. I'd suggest you try:


* Foreflight - probably the market leader. I've used it for over 2 years and it more than satisfies what you're looking for.

* WingX - wasn't up to Foreflight 2+ years ago but I understand it has improved.

* Garmin Pilot - much improved recently and I consider it on par with Foreflight. It operates very similar to the 795 so you won't have to learn to methods of user interface. Has some integration with the 795 through fly.garmin.com.


All of the offer free 30 day evaluations.

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I only have experience with WingXPro7, which I like.


The consensus on the Cirrus website is the Foreflight is marginally better at preflight, and that WingXPro7 is marginally better enroute. As dave said, free trials are available for both, so no harm in downloading both and playing with them.


If you iPad has 3G, you probably don't need the Bad Elf - the internal GPS works just fine most of the time.


If you fly in Indonesia, make sure the weather products you plan on using are available there.


BTW, I found the iPad a bit large in my Sky Arrow. I think the iPad Mini would be a better form factor, at least in my plane.

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The weather will not be available in flight, unless you have Cellular Internet (spotty at best), or some sort of XM weax receiver (and subscription), or and ADS/B unit. I"m not even sure if ADS/B is available outside the usa (it's barely available here now).


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I have Foreflight and the Dual Electronics GPS receiver and really like the combination. I would not recomment the Bad Elf (Tip can attest to this) for several reasons. It plugs into the iPad so you cant recharge either if need be in flight. It falls out (often going under the seat) and I am guessing since it falls out so easily, loses connection. Lastly it draws from your iPad battery which on a long flight not being able to recharge may not last the day. We (Tip and I) flew from the west side of the Rockies in Colorado all the way home to western PA (just over 10 hours flight time the first day. dam head winds flying east :angry: ) with this combo and I couldnt be happier. To be on the safe side, we recharged both during the flight without any disruption in their use. I would say either will work fine but, I think the Dual Electronics has a few advantages over the Elf.

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