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Warp drive - all 3 blades cut by spinner bulkhead

Ed Cesnalis

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Jeremy replaced my sprag clutch yesterday and it went fast and smoothly until it was time to replace the warp drive prop.


First Jeremy noticed wear on my spinner bulkhead from the prop blades which lead to seeing that all 3 prop blades had a groove cut into them at the root where there is an aluminum sleeves over the carbon fiber.


The spinner bulkhead has 3 semi-circular cutouts to provide openings for the prop blades but my former mechanic did not replace the propeller as he had removed it, instead he rotated the prop so that the 3 semi-circular cutouts did not align with the propeller and the blades were in contact with the flange on the spinner bulkhead and vibration turned that flange into a cutting edge that was cutting into each of my prop blades at the root.


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Its hard to tell if the cuts are into the carbon fiber but even if they are not we have a nice crack started in the aluminum at the the root of the blades ( weak point already ).


Jeremy pointed out that other prop designs have a very large diameter at the roof and warp is already very small.


I'm now willing to fly with a damaged prop, failure could be catastrophic.


What is the condition and price on your prop? I don't need a hub.



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Roger's prop looks very good on my plane. My old nickel leading edges were a visual distraction. Roger mentioned that I should have it dynamically balanced. Who does that in the far west? Jeremy said that there is a shop at Reid Hillview but they won't do composite spinners.

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