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Maximum performance 912


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What can an owner do to get the most performance from the 912?

Do you get more or less performance from E-10?

How about the K and N air filter?

Prop pitch would so WOT is 5300rpm?

What other things can be done?



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Everything I've heard about ethanol is that it packs less energy that straight gasoline. Therefore, I would assume that a gallon of E10 has less energy than E0. But, I don't know for sure. Ei0 is certainly not the fuel of choice in any engine or fuel system due to its side effects.


A K&N will make for easier breathing but, does the exhaust system breath freely enough to benefit from that. I would think that you could get more RPM at full throttle after you install it without messing with the prop pitch. I have one but I cannot tell if there is a difference. On cars, I think K&N says 3-7% more HP depending on the car. Again, if the downstream (exhaust) isn't capable of handling the additional intake, it does no good at all.


Pitch the prop for 5500 RPM at WOT in level flight at the altitude you usually fly at. You'll like it.

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Hi Mark,


A little nitrous would help on steep climbs.:rolleyes:

Your prop should be set to get 5500-5600 rpm on WOT straight and level. Then run at cruise at 5100-5200. If you are only getting 5300 you are getting hurt in climb, fuel economy and cruise speed and it isn't really lugging the engine there too bad, but it is still too course a pitch. They come straight from FD now at 5500 WOT. E10 doesn't have a high enough octane rating for the 912ULS 100 HP. The 80 HP would be ok, but you would be better off with the quality of regular gas over E10. The K&N will definitely help and it is a one time buy. Just clean and oil.

Just did a prop 2 days ago that was 5300 and now it gets 5550 and the owner says it's a lot better in all aspects. Do it and you will never go back.

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Interested in any Negative Experiences with MOGAS storage?


Any stories about sitting for prolonged periods in the aircraft fuel system?


What do folks do when faced with prolonged periods? Does replace with AV gas in that situation.


Also does mixing AV and MOGASs still have as much negative LL impact as pure AV?

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I've had mogas, E10 especially, mess up my lawn care equipment over the winter. Now all my lawn care gas gets immediated Stabil treatment and I try to avoid E10.


I think Stabil is OK in the CT fuel system but, does anyone know for sure??


When I leave my CT for more than a month I put at least 50% 100LL in the tanks. So far have left it 3.5 months that way with no problems.

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