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Flight Design and Aviation Access Project strike a deal


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April 9, 2013

Flight Design USA and LSA Shared Ownership Provider Ink Agreement

Plan Joint Efforts in Promoting Aviation

Flight Design USA and Aviation Access Project have announced an agreement to work together to promote the growth and development of the pilot community. Aviation Access Project (AAP) CEO Rick Matthews calls the agreement “critical” in enhancing both parties’ ability to grow the sport pilot population. Matthews states “Our shared ownership and management model allows more current pilots and those who have a passion for aviation the opportunity to own a brand new highly capable Flight Design CTLS for less than the cost of a good used car. With a monthly maintenance fee of less than half of the average new car payment, and flight training included in the price, we think we can offer a fantastic opportunity to enter or re-enter the world of aviation for a fraction of the cost people expect. The CTLS fits our need for a high-wing, reliable and efficient aircraft perfectly.”

According to Tom Peghiny, President of Flight Design USA, the partnership of the two companies will benefit both. “We like the AAP model’s focus on improved training, community-building and distribution of costs. We think for a large segment of the market, shared ownership makes great sense. We are happy to be able to offer that to our customers through AAP. And we know AAP likes our airplane. To us, it is a natural combination and a way to make flying a CTLS even more affordable.”

The CTLS has several advantages according to Matthews. “First, it is an excellent aircraft, the number one selling LSA in the market. Next, it is a proven design with over 340 flying in the United States alone. No other LSA manufactures can make that claim. Finally, we are confident in Flight Design USA’s ability to support the aircraft for our owners. We looked at lots of airplanes for our high-wing offering, but we kept coming back to Flight Design.”

The two companies rolled out their joint operation in April at the 2013 Sun ‘n Fun International Fly In and Expo in Lakeland, FL. The companies are currently working on a standard-configuration model for AAP and have begun to look at other ways of working together.

Flight Design has a long history of aircraft manufacture. Beginning with gliders in the early 1970s, and progressing to light-sport aircraft, Flight Design, in close cooperation with its dealers and pilots, continuously improves its line of aircraft. Flight Design employs a team of 25 engineers and 200-plus workers in Germany and Ukraine. Technical innovations and continuously improved safety characteristics are a large contributor to Flight Design’s sustained growth. Since production of the CT was launched in 1997, more than 1,750 airplanes have been delivered worldwide.

Aviation Access Project was formed as a result of the 2011 AOPA study on pilot training. Headed by veteran fractional sales and management executive Rick Matthews, AAP is made up of a group of aviation and education professionals who desire to double the number of active pilots and cut by half the dropout rate for new pilots.

For more information, contact

Len Assante, 615-512-6297, leonard.assante@aviationaccessproject.com

John Gilmore, 612-759-2252, jgilmore@flightdesignusa.com


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