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A quick state airport cheat sheet

Roger Lee

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Hi All,


Here is an idea you can use in each of your individual states. It makes flying around and getting easy quick info on local state airports simple. It is an alphabetical listing for the main airports in your state. My example and the one that I keep in my plane looks like this and it is laminated so it is nice and stiff. Mine has a front and back so when you look at the sample it will look like two separate pages, it is only a single page just two sides. I keep it in the map holder under the panel for quick reference. It was easy to make. Just grab an "airport directory" and start at the front for your state and type them up in Word. Then get it laminated. I have also included a different one from CT4ME. A different style, but these two should give you some ideas. You can make your any way you want, but these two work well.






Just a note. Look at the file size difference for the post. Mine in Word is only 61.88 KB and the PDF is 875.33 KB. I didn't realize the PDF's were so much bigger.

Airport Identifiers.rtf

airport radio frequency card 2.pdf

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I created virtually the same thing several years ago for those times when I am just "joy flying." My list includes all airports within a 50-mile radius and puts everything I need at my fingertips. It needs to be double-checked and updated periodically to keep up with any changes.

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