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Damn Fast Eddie :D

Ed Cesnalis

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I'm ordering a GoPro Hero 3 today and I want to complain about the high bar that Fast Eddie has set for landing precision. Every touchdown that I have viewed is on the numbers and on the centerline and the centerline is maintained.


Maintaining that standard will require a certain amount of editing.

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Thank you - I am not worthy!


I can attribute my general (apparent) skill level to two things, mainly.


1) LOTS of practice over LOTS of years, and...


2) Striving to simplify.


As to the second, being an instructor has helped. One finds what makes things easier for students. Eventually it dawns that these things make it easier in general.


I'm thinking about things like not futzing with trim or flaps or power from about 50' on final. Lets me concentrate on just three things: height, runway alignment (lateral) and runway alignment (directional, about the yaw axis).


Looking in the right place helps immensely.


Others have settled on other methods and procedures - if it ain't broke don't fix it. These things just work for me and my students is all.


May be headed over to my old airport later today - Blue Ridge Skyport - the one with the tall trees on approach and the big slope up at the end of RWY 1. I'll try to have the GoPro running to see if I can nail yet another landing. But I can still screw things up with the best of them from time to time, so I'll post it regardless even if it prove's I'm still human! ;)

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