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GoPro Silver Edition - ON SALE

NC Bill

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I don't think 60 fps helps much except for slow motion.


1080p makes for huge files, and is of little help for the typical YouTube video. I normally shoot at 720p.


The remote is extraneous if you have an iPhone, which can serve as a full-function remote.


I went for the Silver, direct from GoPro @ $299 at the beginning of the year - $229 is a great price.

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Using the Ipad or Iphone for control reduces battery life where the remote is less, but a three will drain the battery faster than just turning it on. (A battery back pack accessory might be a very good idea.) I have used them all. For me just the suction mount which I use out on the wing, the remote (I do have an Ipad). I use their shortest mount to the suction cup and the remote. There is no wiggle like that verses a long extension arm. Of course it's in the case. I have a bunch of other accessories, but never use them and some are counter productive when used on a plane. I do have a head band mount for riding my quad or taking maint. videos. Many TV's (even the brand new ones) won't let you use 60 fps and only go up to 30 fps. I can use 1080 and 30 fps directly to my TV. Some older computers and operating systems won't do well with 1080 and higher fps. The newer ones are no issue or just like Eddie suggested use 780, but watching a 1080 production on a HD 60" TV is stunning in its detail.

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what other accessories would you recommend?


Battery Pak


Tripod adapter*


RAM ball adapter**


BTW, when you get yours, do not throw away the packing - the plate that the camera comes mounted on can be used as a mount - I put "Super-Lok" velcro on mine.



*using mine as we speak with the camera set up on a tripod taking time lapse pictures every 10 seconds of some of Karen's day lillies. I'll post a link if it comes out halfway decent.


**probably only worthwhile if you already have a bunch of RAM mounts. I do!

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