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Oil Filter for CTSW

Bobby CAU

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Hi Bobby,


I do know of this filter and a few of Challengers other products. As far as their oil filters I would steer clear. They don't filter as small a micron particle, they don't have a check valve internally, they aren't even close to a by-pass pressure. I don't know what your legal requirements are for your plane, but they may be illegal to even use.

Oil filtration and oil filter mechanics are too important for certain features to be absent or below a certain standard for some engines. The regular oil filters (verses the re-usable one) aren't any good for a Rotax either.

I did a research project a number of years ago on oil filters. If I had to pick two filters that would replace the rotax one and do an equal or better job I would use the Pure-One 10241 (best filtering medium) or the Fram Tough Guard TG3614. Both have

by-pass pressures of 12-15 psi. They go to Toyota cars.


The problem with these 2 filters now verses a few years ago was that Rotax increased the by-pass pressure from 13-16 psi to

18-22 psi and Rotax added a check valve and a new anti drain back membrane that these other two filters don't have.


So for the extra money (I don't like paying the Rotax price any more than any one else) I'll stay with the Rotax oil filter. Plus if you have a major engine issue and Rotax was going to step in and help with their "Good Faith" help they will refuse at that point when they find out what type of filter you are using.

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