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Oil Pressure sender remote mount

Roger Lee

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Posted from another forum, but is good info.


Oil Pressure Sender

We recently replaced the oil pressure sender on our 2005 CTSW. At the same time we installed

the new cone, spring and cap screw in the oil pressure sender. This is the second new sender that we

have replaced in a fairly short time. The new one has now gone bad within about 15 hrs of installation.


I remember seeing somewhere that some people have moved the sender to a remote mount on the

firewall to deep down the vibration. Has anyone here done this ? Did it help ? Before we replaced the

new sender we installed a regular oil pressure guage to make sure that we actually had good oil pressure.


Hopefully someone has a good idea for us, we are getting tired of replacing senders every few hours.

Thanks for any help you may have to offer.





From Roger:


The oil pressure sender can be remote mounted on the firewall on the battery side in a CT. This is an approved mod by Rotax and can be done on any Rotax 912 engine. You need to use the 2 prong oil pressure sender because as soon as you remove the original single prong oil pressure sender it looses its ground. The single prong sender gets its ground from engine contact. So all you need to do is use the double prong sender and one of the prongs needs to be attached to a good ground. If you have a fuel pressure sender already remote mounted then just use a short jumper wire to it as it already has a ground. Your original wire from the original sender can just be rerouted. This remote mount kit is available at Lockwood Aviation and comes with the fittings, hose and new oil pressure sender. You will need to purchase some fire sleeve for the oil line as this is ASTM standards. make sure you keep this new line away from any hot exhaust. Don't quote me, but I think the kit is about $85, but you should call and check.

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