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Ed Cesnalis

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Hey Ed,


don't go there.


Merit and quality of posts, best information and feedback will see the end game.


No point in arguing; let results speak for themselves and so far this forum is on the right track.


Happy postings to all!





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I'm sure your right Josh. Add lack of censorship to your list.


Using the word official is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. Our tiny little town has 4 phone books, now a new one that is the official town yellow pages. That word does have meaning and it is mostly used to mis-represent these days.

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I noticed this post below on the "other" board.


"Where is everybody?

I wonder why every thing is so quiet on this site. It used to be so informative to me and recently the posts have dropped off dramatically. Maybe iys because everything is so perfect with the CT that there is nothing to report?

Oz Airangel"


I did not respond out of fear getting censored............

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