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Dynon D100 and D120 new 5.5.0 software update

Safety Officer

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Dynon just released it's new D100 and D120 software update 5.5.0

Here is what it addresses:



Fixed: Autopilot NAVSRC lost messages which caused the autopilot to drop down from NAV to TRK or HDG mode.

Fixed: Autopilot altitude hold that was offset by tens of feet from the desired target. Existing altitude offsets may take a few minutes of straight/level AP flight to self-calibrate out.

Improved: autopilot tolererance of EFIS installations that contain higher than ideal vibration levels.





Improved: Rotax oil temperature fluctuations smoothed out (use sensor type 4).




No feature improvements or bug fixes for this product specifically. However, it must be updated to work with other 5.5 products.





If you download the beta version for the oil temp fluctuation fix all you need to do is download this 5.5.0 and switch back from the #11 sensor to the #4 sensor in the menu.



No you do not need an LOA to do this update and no it will not cause any FD proprietary programming issues because there is non in the D100 and D120.

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