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Gel coat and fiber repair...


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Our club's 2008 CTLS gets a lot of use from 16 pilots. A few of those pilots are in training and can get a little hard on the airplane.


We're seeing minor cracks on the landing gear strut fairings that we've covered with some white tape. We'll eventually replace the fairings but not now while some pilots are still learning to land.


Unfortunately, last week one of our students was doing touch and goes with an instructor and on one take off over-rotated and struck the tail on the pavement. It must have buckled the side of the ventral fin because a line of gel coat about 3/8" wide and 6" long cracked off.


We removed the fin for inspection and fortunately there was no structural damage to the underlying fiber. Just the missing gel coat.


While inspecting we did find a couple of small cracks around a few of the screw holes toward the front of the fin.


We're about to ground the plane for annual so I'm looking into how to fix both the gel coat and the cracks around the holes. Is this something a fiberglass repair shop can do?



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