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Lithium Ion Fire Demo

Ed Cesnalis

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The flashlight community, OK Flashaholics, have known about the problems of Lithium Ion batteries for a long time. They suggest charging them in an area that won't easily catch fire, and provides protection against explosion. Really. and

Don't Overcharge (remove as soon as it shows charged)

Don't Charge too quick (too much current)

Don't leave charging batteries alone

Don't over discharge

Don't discharge too fast

Don't discharge them alone (don't walk away from flashlight if it's ON(

Don't mix cells... different brands, different capacities, etc.


More info


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The R/C community has know this for a long time too. I have ceramic containers to charge my LiPo batteries in. It seems most of the problems come from charging damaged batteries or batteries that no longer will take a charge. They have smart chargers that balance cell and will not overcharge now.

I wonder how this applies to the cell phones in our pockets? I plug mine in at night, my tablet also.

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