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CTLS Paint

Al Downs

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A little information I was able to find on the paint color for the CT's.


As seen in other posts, the color is "Traffic White". That really means nothing to most counter men at the supply house. RAL9016 is the manufacture number overseas and that means nothing to the average counterman as well.


This is what I found out today.


Sherwin Williams mix number is 5106436 and is a mix in their Genesis line of paint.

Martin Senor (NAPA) made by Sherwin Williams is the same number but in their Prism line.


PPG number is 912195. I have not verified this one but found it posted on this forum.

Dupont number is G1283G and in their Chroma One line. This one came form Airtime Aviation.


The reason we always have trouble finding the paint is because it is fleet color and most counter men and most job shops don't deal with these products. I did see today that it does come up on a NAPA screen if the counterman knows where to look or keeps choosing different screen options until he stumble across it.


Good information to print out in case you ever need it. With these numbers you should be able to get it made in various paint types almost any where. Made in urethane it is durable and resistant to fuel and other chemicals

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Another option, and one that has worked for me, is to do a paint color scan using someone locally who has equipment to do this. Depending on the age of the aircraft, the paint ages and oxidizes which changes the factory tint. Using a "realtime" scan produced an exact color match for my CTSW and my friend's CTLS. I had my left wing painted and he had his lower cowl painted. Our planes required different paint codes and although subtle, the tints were differrent..

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