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CTLS crosswind landing video


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Nice job tenderfoot. ;)


Hi Eric,


You and I both know with that technique you could have added another 11-15 knots cross wind and made the same smooth landing, but you better get ready for the verbal onslaught from the full stall full flap landing guys because you were 3 mph over on approach, 3 mph over stall speed and had power in at touch not to mention the 40K lbs of extra energy you must have had to deal with after touchdown. :lol: :lol: :lol:




When are you and Cheryl coming over for breakfast?

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A "full stall" landing is of little use, when the airspeed over the rudder surface is insufficient to keep the airplane aligned with the runway at touchdown, under severe crosswind conditions.


Rudder authority is determined by how much (or how little) wind is passing over the rudder surface. More airspeed . . . more authority. That's why some here prefer less flaps and more airspeed on the final phase and round out (flare) of the landing. If they are more comfortable with that, I personally do not see anything wrong with that, as long as they have the available runway to handle it.

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Roger, "full stall" landing?.

how to do it?.


Not Roger, but from some of your videos, that's what some of us refer to as "full stall".


It may not, in fact, lead to a full stall, but the goal is to have the stick all the way back, or nearly so, at the point of touchdown, leaving little if any flying speed - hence the allusion to the stall. I've seen you do that at your grass field and really liked your landings.


And, to stipulate for the nth time, it is NOT appropriate in all conditions, but a goal for some of us when conditions are right.


That's why it really did not have to come up in this thread, where the landing technique seemed perfectly suited to the conditions.

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