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Tad Olmsted - He's still with us


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I needed some background history regarding repairs that were done and a SB procedure that was developed for certain CTSW's by Lockwood Aviation and FD USA in the 2009/2010 time frame. The information I gathered indicated that Tad Olmsted was perhaps involved with this work which was done at Lockwood. Not being sure if Tad could be contacted, I called the number found in his Forum profile. Lucky for me, Tad and I connected by phone and he graciously took some time out from his busy schedule to talk to me. We had not talked to one another before but Tad was very friendly and provided his advice, which is based on many years of experience, without hesitation. The information he provided was a great help to me. Tad indicates he still monitors our Forum whenever he might find the time. He said he would appreciate it if I would let the Forum know that he's always available to answer questions or to provide expert repair or maintenance of aircraft. Unfortunately for me, Tad's shop is located in the Daytona, Florida area which is too far for me to take advantage of his capabilities for working on my CT. He is a great resource for those like me who may just need information. For those who live within reasonable flying distance to Daytona, Tad's shop would be a top consideration for repairs or maintenance of one's aircraft. We have others on our Forum who also take a lot of time out of their busy schedules to provide us with expert advice, information and physical repair and maintenace, that cannot be found anywhere else. If one has been on our Forum for a while, it is obvious who these individuals are and I, for one, feel very fortunate to have found this Forum which provides a means for me to contact them.

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