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Mexico Whale Petting Trip


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If you want a *GREAT* trip... consider flying down the Baja. The Baja Bush Pilots make it easy and fun with their coordinated trips. This upcoming year (2011) their "whales" trip is planned for March 3-6 (thu-sun). We went on this trip two years ago, and am planning on going again in 2011. Of course, you could easily do the trip yourself, but being with the Baja Bush Pilots makes the whole thing go smoothly, and is a real hoot. You'll never find a nicer bunch a folks. Membership to BBP is only $49, and they help out with all the things needed for a border crossing. Whales 2011 info

Here's how it works - you sign up and pay your $ ($450 ea covers admin, hotel, many meals, some drinks, permits for whales, etc). All the planes meet up in Mulege, which is about 2/3 down the Baja, on the Gulf side. When we went there were 60 airplanes.... everything from Cubs, to RV's, Twins, helicopter, and a small jet. You can always find someone to buddy-up with, and fly down together.

Each day, a subset of the group flies to the West Coast side and does the whale thing. This is amazing... I'll post a video. There's a bunch of fun throughout each day and night. Sunday, everyone hits the sky early and heads home... unless you're making an extended vacation of the trip - and then you might head to Loreto, LaPaz, or even Cabo.






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