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Revised SB for 912/914 Crank Journal


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Has anyone received their check gauge yet (part number 876260)?  In January I asked the US distributor of my airplane when they expected to get the gauges from the factory in Europe and they said the factory told them they weren't getting any.



Any new info on how to get one.  My engine is registered with Rotax (I still have the email confirming this).



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Just to close the loop on this, I got the feeler gauge this past Friday.  What I was told by my plane distributor is that the main Rotax distributors in the US are now the ones that will provide the gauge as long as your engine is registered with Rotax.  I contacted Lockwood and they sent me the gauge for free.  I did order some oil and filters so if you get the gauge by itself you may have to pay the freight.

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