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Aerial Photography (for fun) a few pictures...


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Just thought I'd share some photos I've gotten while flying a CTSW (which not having a wing strut makes for nice picture taking - assuming a clean window!). A friend of mine took some, and my GF took some. Most of these are going as X-mas presents this year, and a few will be donated. (Took a lot of pictures of friends and family's homes etc.)


I do IT work with some local small school systems around here. Several of them just built new schools this year so I got some nice pictures of those to give to the schools...


We used a t3i w/ a 55-200mm lens on some, and now I just purchased a Nikon D3200 and also got a 55-200mm lens for it. Nothing crazy camera wise but good for some amateur aerial photography fun! Of course both days I went up shooting it was actually a bit bumpy so none of these turned out as good as they could have, but I was still impressed, and had a ton of fun flying.


Here is a shot of my GF's folks/grandparents 1400 acre ranch.


And one of the new schools...


A shot going around Pikes Peak (14,115ft)


A picture of Colorado Springs on a really cloudy day, can't see the Peak


And a shot of the Victor Gold Mine near Victor Colorado, which is on the backside (mountain side) of Pikes Peak


EDIT: Disclaimer: These were uploaded at about a meg in size each, but the forum shrinks them down so the quality suffers a little bit


Things are "ugly" and brown out this time of year, so I'm looking forward to getting some greener pictures next summer... thanks for looking.



Anyone else on here ever do this kind of thing?






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It's amazing what a good telephoto lens can do, providing it's not too bumpy...

Here's a photo from about 10,000 feet (Baja Mex bay)


And zoomed in...



Camera is just a Sony P&S, with 20X zoom.  It does awesome videos, too.

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