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Headsup on EAA Webinar - "LSA Documentation - What's In Your Logbooks?"


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. . . "EAA has scheduled my next webinar, titled "LSA Documentation - What's In Your Logbooks?" for 12 February. Here's the official description:


Regulations require that all aircraft maintenance and inspections be properly documented. Those documentation rules are somewhat different between certified aircraft and those with Special Airworthiness Certificates. The growing popularity of Light Sport Aircraft makes it increasingly important to educate LSA owners, operators, and mechanics about these differences. This Webinar is presented by a fight school operator and aviation maintenance technician who specializes in LSAs. In it, you will learn about the good, the bad, and the ugly that he has seen in LSA logbooks when conducting pre-purchase and annual condition inspections.". . .


Prof. H. Paul Shuch, PhD CFII iRMT LSRM-A/GL/WSC/PPC Chief Flight Instructor and Director of Maintenance AvSport of Lock Haven, Piper Memorial Airport (KLHV) 353 Proctor Street, Hangar One, Lock Haven PA 17745 fly@AvSport.org http://www/AvSport.org

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