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Maybe a hangar would come in handy


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We drove to DFW in that nightmare storm. A normal lazy five hr drive became an absolute nightmare 21 hr terror. I was actually worried for our lives. We were trapped among hundreds of semis on I20 and were stopped on "cobblestone" ice. We finally just stopped and went to sleep right on the interstate. I would start the car every hr or so to warm us up. Finally, they opened up enough to go the ten miles to an exit and I went small farm to market roads on into DFW. I'm sure the truckers would've let us climb up into their cab if we had to but it worked out. My wife had the worst case of "get there itis" I've seen for my granddaughters birthday. Wouldn't do any good if we both were found as frozen statues in a field somewhere after we slid off an embankment. We lost two aircraft also in that storm. Pretty bad for Texas.

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