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Which Fuel Pump?


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I hesitate to even post this, since I just finally got to the point where I have addressed all the small problems with my CT and don't know of anything wrong with it. So time to kick the hornets' nest! I know there are several versions of the 912 fuel pump, I just want to make sure I have one that is at least considered "acceptable" and is not a problem to keep flying. So here's what I have, let me know if I have a problem:



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The new fuel pumps are fine now. A few in the beginning had high pressure issues from the diaphragm being too tight. Yours is an AC pump (AC stands for aircraft) The new pumps are made in Italy. If you have a Dynon make sure you change the max pressure to 7.2 psi from 5.8.

The bulletin says mandatory because they would like all these pumps off the market. If yours is not leaking out the bottom or around the flange then it may last a long time (i.e. years), but could start leaking at any time. Leaking is just a sign and won't affect its use, but then you'll know for sure it needs a change. I have seen some fly for 50+ hrs. on a leaky pump and never know it.


This is one SB I think you can fall on either side.


The decision is up to you.



Where are your band-it clamps for the fire sleeve?



If this turns out to be a 13 pager post I'm going to tell Ted Kaczynski where you live. :P

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