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Peach State Aerodrome aka Candler Field


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Heard about a great little grass strip airport located south of Atlanta which supposedly had the best blu cheese burgers in the south and decided to find out for myself. GA2 has a 2400ft grass strip and hosts the Barnstormers Grill and Restaurant. There is also a small museum with a couple of vintage aircraft and cars located inside the eatery.

When we landed one of the vintage museum aircraft was getting ready to fly for the second time since it's full restoration which was finished just before Thanksgiving.

Pics are attached.




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Where did you find that photo???


That's me in my Dade County Sherrif's uniform.


Those were the days...




It was hanging in the men's room.






the grass is in great shape. Just keep the stick all the way back until you park and you will be fine. The burgers, mine was fantastic and the home fries were to much for me to finish.

If everyone wants to wait until after the first we could all meet down there on a Saturday. The locals say it real busy on Saturdays.




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First of all, it was due to be 20º Saturday morning. I went out Friday night with a bathroom heater and a blanket and come up with this:




As I was driving out the gate at the airport, a wave of paranoia came over me with visions of things catching fire, and the fuel cap vent very close by. Turned around and unplugged everything.


In the morning I just headed over an hour prior to departure and plugged it back in. Also got some worklights working from the "back":




Anyway, after an hour the engine was kinda warm to the touch and started right up.


There was not a cloud in the sky, but lots of marginal VFR to the south. The mountains have their own weather, and its easy to assume that its always worse - that's not the case and often there are lower clouds as the ground falls away. Still, it never hurts to take a look, as long as you're always willing to turn around or land - and we always are.


Not all that bad headed south, but there was mountain obscuration and lowering ceilings ahead:






The original plan was to head east of Atlanta over Stone Mountain, but the briefer said things looked better on the west side so we did that.


To be continued...

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Followed our "4-lane", GA 515, jumping from the airports at Ellijay to Jasper before angling over and overflying Cobb County.


South of there and west enough to avoid the other airports, to stay under ATL's Class B in close is a segment with a 2,500' floor. At about 2,200' still had VFR cloud clearance, but remember the elevation is about 1,000'. But I felt comfortable at 1,200' over the ground.


You've seen the video of the arrival. Here we are after taxiing in to the restaurant:




A great vegetarian pasta lunch with my lovely wife:




She did point out prior to departure that maybe bigger would be better, but that she did not mind getting dirty!




The self serve there would not recognize my card. I told Karen if we were indicating 1/4 tank or less when we got over Jasper, we'd just stop and pick up a few gallons. We did, so we did. Here on final approach (much higher than the perspective shows):




Finally, back up the 4 lane with the ceiling gradually getting higher. The little town of McCaysville, GA/Copperhill, TN just to the left:




Anyway, a fun flight with good company. A little more challenging than I had expected, but that's what keeps it interesting!

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Today was a perfect day to fly, so the new president of our club and I decided to fly down to grab a burger. These are 2 of the 15 planes that grabbed my attention. One is a Extra330 that gave us a little show (knife edge fly by the length of the runway)before departing the pattern. Pretty cool. And I really like the paint scheme.


The WACO is a plane I just love. So whenever I see one I take a picture of it.




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