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Tucson - Ryan Airfield Breakfast Fly-Ins

Roger Lee

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Okay it's on the calender for every second Saturday of the month through May.


We at Ryan Airfield in Tucson, Arizona would like to invite everyone to our Fly-In breakfast at Ryan Airfield (KRYN) in Tucson every 2nd Saturday of the month starting Feb. 8, 2014. Come and join other LSA and GA aircraft and maybe a couple of old military.

It will start at 0800 and end at 1200 hrs. on Feb. 8th. and then re-occur every second Saturday of the month.

It will be indoors, bathroom facilities and catered by our own Todd's Restaurant. Menu is pan omelet, link sausage and biscuits and gravy, coffee, juice and water. This will be every second Saturday through may.


Hope to see you there. If you have any questions you can call me.

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Since you will be having a Fly in - I too would like to extend my invitation to the Hilongos Fly in on January 12, 2014.

We shall be serving Steaks and BBQ and will be giving some prizes for the balloon popping and flour dropping competition winners.

For those interested - i guess the largest problem would be the location - you see, Hilongos is in Leyte, Philippines. Haha. Sorry for my somewhat twisted sense of humour.

It will however by my first attempt at organizing a fly-in in the Philippines which sadly is very rare. I actually don't now of any. I am expecting just a few aircraft :( But its a start.

Let me take this opportunity though to invite anyone who finds themselves in this part of the world to give me a call and to meet up for an awesome flight in the tropics.



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