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Join Flight Design at LSA EXPO

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Join Flight Design at LSA EXPO


Jan 16-19, 2014, Sebring FL (KSEF)







CTLSi with dual SkyView, 35 Gallons of fuel, Wide cabin, injected engine, 3 Year Warranty



This should be you




Get first hand look at the top Selling LSA aircraft in the world - Limited Edition Bundle



Saves $6000.


SkyView Standard In Americas Edition



Join us for First Fly-in


of 2014




If you cannot make the trip just take our Virtual Tour of a CTLSi... with a 3D view and exterior fly by





Virtual Tour Starts HERE


Heading South For the winter



Visit the Expo Web page http://www.sport-aviation-expo.com/event-details/

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FLIGHT DESIGN USA | 91 ROUTE 169 | P0 BOX 325 | S. WOODSTOCK, CT. 06267.



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