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As requested - Sky Arrow battery count


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A forum member (I forget who? :P ) has been on me about how many batteries my Sky Arrow has. At the hangar yesterday I did my best to count.


The answer, I suppose, can be anywhere from 1 to 24, not including our iPhones and iPads, which might be another 4. Or our flashlight, or GoPro, or our pacemakers*, or our spare AA's, or...


Anyway, for a typical flight...


Main Battery - (1)

Dynon D10A - Backup battery (1)

Garmin 496 - (1)

ELT - (6)

ELT Remote - (1)

iCom Handheld - (10)

Headsets (2 each) - (4)


And this from someone who advocates "less is more"! :unsure:


Anyway, can anyone top me? Not like its a contest or anything! ;)



*Just kidding! For now, anyway.

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