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2007 2 place clipped wing Challenger for sale


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I have a clipped wing Challenger for sale, less than 215 hours loaded with everything, mode C trans. repacked chute HKS 700E engine ,warp prop, Eis, upgrade brakes, pants larger wheels 17 gal tank, alt encoder all the goodies, head sets, vortex generators, icon radio, duel fuel pumps, carb. heat, upgraded seats, in perfect condition must see plane 2 to 3 gals per hour top speed 100 mph. N404JS best of everything built by Dennis Carley dealer in Florida, plane is in Va. always in hanger.Cost $39,000.00 to build. 1000 hour overhaul time 4 stroke HKS engine is the deal no 2 strokes and no belts. E mail at RONNIEW757@aol.com
or call 757-642- 4530 selling because I bought CTSW

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