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FD Skyview 6.2 upgrade available for download.

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Flight Design CTLS SkyView Owners:  

Flight Design has released firmware 6.2 version for SkyView owners.

If your version number is less than 4.0,  ie from early versions 3.xx, you cannot directly upgrade to 6.2. You must first  load 4.0 or 5.1. Then upload 6.2 after that upgrade. This will be a two step process.
Please take care to load the correct aircraft type CTLS 912S Carburetor or CTLSi 912iS injected


Dynon has done a great job expanding the capabilities of the SkyView system.  With that expansion comes updating of the software and more importantly, firmware updates.
Flight Design  specific Skyveiw firmware for the CTLS (i)  has now been tested and is released but  must only be loaded from our website and not directly from Dynon. This has most of the same functionality as Dynon's 7.0 version and has the proper testing and certification.  Flight Design will then provide all the necessary documentation and supplements to your POH to maintain your regulatory compliance.

You should still utilize Dynon's free map, obstacle, and aviation data base updates from their site. This restriction only applies to the firmware.

Dave Armando

Director of Maintenance
Flight Design USA
(860) 963-7272

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