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Time on oil


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Good morning,


I'm using mogas 93 octane, E10 with Aero Shell Sport +4 in a 912 ULS and have 43 hours on the oil.

Due to the nasty wx here in the north east I've only been able to put 2 hours on the plane over the winter.


Calendar time is going on 8 months. Aircraft is now in an unheated hangar with 200 Watts of heat on the engine. 100w on the oil tank and 100w on the bottom case


In this situation is it okay to wait to the 50 hour oil change or should the oil be removed ASAP?



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My take is you'd probably be fine waiting for the normal 50 hours.


But whenever I think or type the word "probably", I take pause.


Along the lines of taking "The Most Conservative Action", I'd just go ahead and change it. The risk is probably infinitesimal, but you've already gotten about 86% of your scheduled hours out of the oil, so the incremental cost is tiny.

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