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GAMA 2013 totals out


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In spite of the sluggish recovery and attacks on GA from all sides, FD is still doing well.  According to the recent GAMA report, FD shipped 89 planes in 2013... up from 76 in 2012.  Cubcrafters did 63.  As usual, it's not worth comparing these numbers to other numbers you see, as different people count different things... sales/shipments/positions sold/registrations.  I understand FD is working on increasing production, and you've seen the announcements about new, larger, facilities in Germany and NorthEast USA.  Let's hope the unrest in the Ukraine doesn't hurt things.  Luckily, Kiev is on the opposite side of the country.

Here is the full 2013 GAMA Report


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Glad to see American Champion hanging in there, with 26.


But I don't see how Maule, with 6, can hang in there unless they have another income stream.


Did not see some of the smaller manufacturers listed. Did they not sell any, or is there some criteria to be listed?

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