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Garin Pilot SynVis Free Trial


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If you have a basic VFR subscription for Garmin Pilot ($24.99 quarterly), you can send an e-mail to:
and they will upgrade your account for 30 days to VFR premium, allowing you to try their new Synthetic Vision. I'm not sure if this will work with the 30 day trial of Garmin Pilot (in other words, get the 30 day free trial then add a 30 day SynVis trial to it), but it's worth a shot. All they ask for for the trial is your Garmin Pilot account username.


I played with the SynVis in the car yesterday.  I was worried that without AHARS input like from the GDL-39 3D that it would be kind of useless, but that is NOT the case.  You can still see everything, the display just doesn't pitch and bank.  You still get GPS-derived altitude, airspeed, and vertical speed.  On my iPad 3 the display is VERY smooth-scrolling and looks very nice.  Obstacles show up like in other Garmin products, as sectional-style obstacle icons to their approximate height.  If airports are nearby and in view, you get a labeled icon for the airport.  I'm planning to do actual flight testing this weekend, and will take some screen shots.


I think this is a GREAT tool for safety when flying in IMC (probably inadvertent in our case), night VFR, or in difficult terrain.  Switching between the SynVis and the 2D terrain view (also included in the VFR premium price) would give excellent situational awareness in the mountains. 


I know WingX has had SynVis for a while, but I really don't like the WingX interface.  I have been using ForeFlight, but this might get me to switch to the Garmin camp.  Of course, now FF will probably offer SynVis RSN.



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