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Sleeping in a CT


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It's pretty much impossible as is, but as someone who prefers long flights to out-of-the way spots, it can be very convenient to use the plane as a tent at times. So I came with this after some measuring and much trial fitting and cutting:backboard.jpg

It's made of 6mm birch ply with a reinfocing piece shown to add stiffness. board%20in%20CT.jpg It custom fits through the bulkhead as shown here, resting on the seat rails in the front and the bulkhead rim midway back. The rear 2' is just hanging free. With just 14" openning, I find side sleeping better but I tend to sleep on my side anyway. ct%20sleeping.jpg

For comfort, you need to lower the tail to within 6" of the ground with the rear tie-down or else you slide into the stick all night long with your shoulder. You're about balanced over the main gear so it isn't much force on the tail. laying%20flat.jpg

Here it is stowed. stowed%20board.jpg Each one weighs about 3lbs. Quirky, I admit, but it works pretty well. I'll bring them to Page if anyone wants to try it out.

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