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Mechanic's Toolbox Software


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A little program that I use that is unbelievably useful for just about everything aircraft maintenance related is "The Mechanic's Toolbox".




The guy hasn't updated it since 2011, and is written primarily for certificated aircraft with continental and lycoming engines, but that doesn't make it any less useful, even for LSA owners. There's a lot of material in there that can be used on a FD aircraft, such as torque standards that FD expects you to follow if they don't list it. It has all kinds of compiled data and formulas; I can't even begin to list it all.


Multiple pdfs showing field experience and photos of installation and inspection methods; to torque charts from MULTIPLE sources such as AC 43.13, Navy, NPT (tapered pipe thread, which by the way, is a scourge that needs to be abolished), Metric grades 10.9 (equal to aircraft standard grade 8 bolts) and various other grades, 


Electrical system charts, including derating charts for altitude, calculators for allowable current carrying capability and voltage drop, inspection technique and allowable damage to wires when splicing, etc. Also has circuit calculations and wire identification, types, etc.


Drillbit size charts (US Standard [goofy as hell] and Metric) and conversion charts for imperial (fractions) and metric.


Bolt charts, standards, and measurements to identify them. Also has a section on taps and dies.


Wire rope (cables) charts, measurements, loading capability, crimping, clamping, radii, and inspection methods.


Material compatibility and potential for corrosion if held in proximity in dissimilar metal mating surfaces, including graphite (carbon fiber).


O-ring charts, inspection, identification, and measurements.


Rivets. I know we don't really use rivets in our CTs (there's a couple places on them that have rivets), but theres a huge wealth of information relating to rivets in there.


Cowling fasteners such as camlock (and others).


Massive NAS, MS, AN, and Metric hardware and fitting identification and size charts.


Hose identification, inspection, manufacturing, and installation information.


Boatloads more


Seriously, this is a tiny fraction of what is in it. It's 34 dollars for a digital download (1.2gb) and can be used from a thumbdrive. Windows and Mac. If AC 43.13 is my bible, then "The Mechanic's Toolbox" is my cheat-sheet.


Some video demos: http://mechanicsupport.com/DEMOS.html

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I have this same software, but I made the mistake of not downloading the manuals and catalogs that John Schwaner had on his server. The support website and server have been shut down. He gave the option to either download these manuals and catalogs or the software would retrieve them from his server, thus saving space on the users personal computer. Needless to say, I can no longer get to those files. I have been trying to find someone who might have those files. I am hoping you are that someone.


If you have those files, would you be willing to share a copy with a fellow user? Or do you know where I might possibly get a copy?


Thank You for Your Help!


Steve Pelfrey

Missing those files!



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I have a copy that's around 2 gb. Not sure if what I have has everything.


I also talked to John. Some russian hackers wiped out his server. He's retired anyways and probably doesn't even want to mess with that stuff anymore.


Anyways, here's the issue. It's not my software to distribute. Email him at john.schwaner@gmail.com

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