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Head'n for Breakfast

Roger Lee

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Just have the leader of a formation stay on auto pilot. Then just slide up close. Try it in steps and over time move closer. If you are the wing man you only focus on the leader and forget about looking around or what's a head. If in this case I needed an exit it would be down and left. The leader was down and right. If you are the wing man you also become a throttle jockey.

When we are not close and cruising some place the wing man usually flies about 75 ft. higher, 75-100 yards out at the 4-5 o'clock or the 7-8 o'clock position. The wing man should have the leader framed in his side window. Then you have a good visual reference if you start to move away and you can look around and always keep the leader in your peripheral vision. This position also gives each person an emergency exit or room to move around or turn if the need arises. We fly every week as a group and always in a loose formation. It's quite easy once you do it a few times. We always take off in pairs too. We just split the runway with a slight stagger between planes.The leader always takes the side that he will turn out on crosswind.

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