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Tom and Spot go cruising in France

Roger Lee

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Tom Covell one of our CT fliers at Ryan Airfield is on a trip to France and a cruise down the Rhone River. I had Tom take his Spot with him. You can follow him through France, down the Rhone and around other parts of Europe on his Spot. He just arrived in France and will be on the boat in 1-2 days for 8 days.  Here is his link:




It shows him flying trans Atlantic to Pairs so far. You can zoom in and pick the satellite option on the Spot link in the upper right corner to get a Google picture.

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Thanks Roger for thé info...


Tom, if you need anything or help here in France, don't hesitate to call me +33 (0)6 21 91 54 67.

Your cruise down the Rhone could start from Chalon sur Saone where it's a common starting point for this cruise, and this is where my CT is based as well (LFLH) just ring me if you want to found out how froggies are flying around...


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