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Training at Bisbee AZ (May 17th~21st 2014)


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My wife and I decided to visit Bisbee AZ this month between 17th~21st for crosswind landing & also general piloting class at Copper City Aviation!  I am currently counting down the days to start my training...


My post license flights has been challenging due to the weather in Chi-beria (aka Chicago).  On top of the bad weather, I recently became lazy weekend pilot who only like to fly in "<10kts head wind in sunny day" and I really want to overcome my fear of the "gusty & crosswind" days.


My personal goal is to at least be consistent with my landings from left & right seats to be able to control the CT up to 15~18kts crosswind with gust up to 10kts.  I think I will be able to master consistant crosswind landing...but I have a "fear" towards gusty winds...


Also, switching to the right seat did not help with my confidence...Now I feel like went right back to the pre-solo flight days... :(

I really need to get over my fear of wind and ready to get my game face on to tackle this straight on at the Copper City Aviation.


I must say...brace yourself Eric, I will be the most challenging student ever!  :D



BTW - after visiting Bisbee AZ, we are planning to visit Albuqerque, NM...does anyone know flight school where we can rent CT near Albuqerque?

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Hi Tony, Rose, Roger,


Thanks, I just called her and left a message on her voice mail.

Roger, if you can't flying into Bisbee next week, then we will drive up and come and to see you.

Many be we can grab some to eat with you Tom, Bill and Dawn...


Hope to see you soon!

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20-25 knots direct crosswind...wow...

I kind knew that you guys fly CT like luke skywalker on the death star...

But, come on!  20-25 direct is a bit too much for me no? :unsure:


I know Roger also says he can land on 20-25 direct and I do believe that for sure...

For you guys is like driving a car, but for us is like riding a bull...


I am actually scared out of my mind even thinking about 20-25 knots head wind...

I did some parttern work today on left seat with 11 knots @ 280 on 27...last landing was a bit arkward.


Touchdown was ok, but the gust of wind took the plane back up in the air and I got panicked...

I did settle it down again, but stil...it is like riding a cow down the runway... :lol:


I have to keep telling myself fly the plane until shutting down the engine...but it is so easy to say it rather than doing it for sure...

On top of that, I have to learn right seat and just so much challenges ahead of me.


We are really excieted to be in Bisbee for the training of our life time!


Oh~ BTW, here is today's recap with me on my CTSW DOING SOME PATTERN WORK TOGETHER!



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I found myself wishing for a 25 knot crosswind on a recent flight into Honolulu.  I had been out flying around the island and we usually have a predictable tradewinds from  05 at 15-25.  The runway 4R is 10000 feet a perhaps 200 feet wide.  I  like full stall landing, flying slowly just above the runway as long as practical and keep the nose wheel off as long as possible, after main gear down. 


The wind was moving around and was given to me, on a base to numbers, as 230 at 15 20.   As I passed over the numbers the wind sock was standing straight out coming from my now six.  I have  never landed a LSA with a 15 plus, gusty tailwind.  The visual clues were all wrong.   None of my skills were prepared to do a full stall with that wind, how do you get down, keep nose wheel off.  Therefore we had to plant, then slow.  Just  like the old day with my old cessna wheel dampner worn out, the front wheel went into a momentary shimmy.  No visable damage.  As I taxied off the runway atis announced runway switch and they were going the other way before I got parked.


I think the controllers were just wanting a little enterainment, I know them to be very good guys.


You are never done learning, in fifty years of flying that was a first for that type.



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I have not done a go around at my home field for years, but yesterday I had 14 gusting to 24 as a 60° crosswind. This got pretty squirrely as I allowed the first time do I went around. Did more of a plant, instead of stall the second time and all was well. One of the few times I was wishing I had a low wing. :-)

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Tailwind landing...

14-24 crosswind...


Right...I think Farmer's point is to expect the unexpected, flying is just like our life story in general and learning everyday and never take anything granted...


But, I always want to know the limit. To understand the personal limitations, I need this crosswind training at Bisbee...


I know I won't be able to do tailwind, so I won't even bother...If that was me, I would went around the minute I realized I am trying to land with the wind.


I don't think it is funny at all to think tower guys playing like that, if anything happened to you, I would not want to think my "having fun" turn into a disaster.


Anyhow, my goal is "safety first", then everything else second. I will approach this like forging plant workers from Osaka, Japan. I see those people often and their greeting always start with "be safe".


Again, playing or not. Safety first.

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Pilot in command means just that. If I had been concerned about tailwind I would have gone elsewhere. These ct's are very capable and comfortable aircraft. I doubt we have tested the limits yet. I expect to learn more this summer on our planned 10000 mile cross country trip. I MAY report more during or AFTER said flight. Stand by for spot track info



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HI Farmer...


I think you meant to say "These ct's are very capable and comfortable aircraft." for you.

But, we new bees are not that confident and need way more experience to do just that.


Then again, I do have some confidence...


I know I can get good at things, I know I can but not great...so I need to know my limits.

10,000mile flying trip would do some EXPERIENCE on anyone's flying resume.


Good luck to you Farmer!

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Wow, we had a blast in Bisbee!

Eric & Cheryl are so calm & easy going.

Great instructors and individuals...at the same time very professional and knowledgeable.

Rarest and super beings!

It was our honor to be able to learn from them.


Thank you from bottom of our harts Cheryl and Eric! (Notice I changed the orders, so you won't be Iin Trouble!)


Bisbee municipal airport is located near mountain, border, sloped, thermlized and windy.

It was one of the most fruitful training we had in our short flying careers!


Eric & Cheryl (copper city aviation) in mid May is a must go place for anyone who wants to concur CT!

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