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So, here are what I have done to my poor CT...

1. Visors - http://www.rallysportdirect.com/Cusco-Roll-Cage-Sun-Visor-Set
working well with plumbing insulation foam with felt (suggested by Roger)
Also I used stainless steel ties to secure the visor on to steel bar but still slide up and down easily but secured during the flight
7/10 rating, I wish it was see through, but solid black is ok

2. Seat Cushions
I did add 2" foam on top of existing 1" cusion and made a huge difference
10/10 must do and highly recommended

3. Interior Hole covers
I used plexi glass to cover the holes
I just cut the plexi glass into similar diameters with gorilla tape strips and over lay the plexi glass
Working great and no air leak...attached shows how holes are covered.
10/10 if you are from cold climate, no air coming through the holes but you can clearly see fuel guages.

4. Weather strips
There are 2 types of weather strips
a. fine grade foam strips almost like soft rubber (Not recommended, comes off ealisy)
b. semi hard rough surface foam is working well and havent come loose yet
10/10 for cold climate

5. Matco brakes - from Roger's recomendation
As Roger mentioned and I dont hear the annoying Italian brake noise anymore

6. LED landing light - from chanik's post
SORAA LED 20 degree 75 wat
10/10 I havent see battery light come on ever since I instal the LED light, I can leave my landing light on for long time

7. Capacitor - from chanik's post
Kemet - ALS40A104KF025 - $27
a. M5 10mm screws - ACE
b. #8 Insulated Ring Terminal (16-Pack) - radio shack
Kept the ring part, then opened the ends and clipped to the size to make male end
I installed on the bottom of the frame with 3 plastic ties and a plumbing cramp (rock solid)
10/10, my radio is as quiet as it can get, I don't hear buzzing noise anymore
- chanik also help me understand how to install the unit -

Others which I think I am still wanting to do...
8. Docking system for 696 (this week)
9. Tundra tires
10. Cover up instrument panel with carbon fiber sheet for better panel design


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