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Sun Visors


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I was down at FDUSA in Woodstock last week. They had two types of plexiglass,

and the parts guy, Matt, said the green ones built for Sebring were better because

they were darker.I asked about using the Rosen visors, and Matt said I needed to

talk to Arian about an LOA, and Arian wasn't there. I think an LOA is required.


The Rosen Universal goes up to 1" tubes, and I measured the compass mounting tube

as 1.1". I like the Rosen better, as I use the tube as a hand hold when

getting in or out. The Rosen clamps at one point, so it can pivot forward

or to the side. The FD mounts clamp at two points, so the visor is now

interfering with grabbing the tube.


Does anyone have feedback on the hand hold issue with factory visors ?

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I've never had a need to use the tube for a hand hold so the factory visors work fine for me. If I did need to use the tube as a hand hold I keep my visors stowed rotated forward so I can still hang on to the tube if I need to. Just can't get my hand all the way around it. Or, I could slide the visor attach points closer to the the center (nearer the compass) which would give me a clear section of the tube nearest the wing root to get my hand all the way around.

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