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Page, AZ Fly-In in the News

Roger Lee

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I think the LSA movement is moving onward and upward in aviation each year. ;)

I guess we need to be on our good behavior in the public eye at Page. :unsure:


Here are a couple of links for our Page, AZ Fly-In that were published on other sites. Take a look. :D





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Whow Roger wish I could join you guys one of this years at your flyinn at Page. We are celebrating this month in Spain our flying, making a trip all around Spain. Visiting Seville, Leon, and the Rioja region, ( all nice places for a goog wine and food) . maybe next year we can Join you at Page and then you can Join us In Spain, could be a good get-together for all of us.

If yiu guys found this interesting send me a mail and I will give you more details.


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