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Chicago to Mackinac (Mackinaw) Island - July 4th~5th


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We just completed our first long cross country to Mackinac Island.


Our chosen flight course - IGQ, BEH, MCD - 298 nm, but 15-20knts head wind, so took us a little more than 3 hours...

We left IGQ around 8am CST and arrived to MCD around 1230 EST...Good news is that we only burned 16 gallons from IGQ to MCD!

Landing on the Mackinac Island was a bit awkward feeling since traffic pattern was out side of the island.

...actually, I neglected to check the procedure before hand and I actually flew over the island during the traffic pattern...?

Then we had a lunch at the Mackinac and flew to 83D - St Ignace for fuel and hotel (as soon as taking off, you are right in the traffic pattern for St Ignace)...


Returning flight course, we decided to flight along the coast - 83D, CVX, 5D5, FKS, LDM, LWA, BEH, 3HO, IGQ - 315 nm

We stopped at LDM (Ludington) for a lunch, it was another challenging landing due to wind / gust and turbulence...

10~17 knts 220-230 on 190 with mechanical turbulence from very high tree tops surrounding the runway 190...

We burned a bit more fuel on the returning flight - 16.5 galons and still had 13.5 gallons to spare (6 & 7.5) left in the tank...


Overall, with the help of weather and atmosphere, we had a wonderful trip to Mackinac Island.

It was a great feeling to fly in & out of the island of our choice knowing everyone had to take the ferry....



Attached Picture shows;

1. Leaving IGQ along the Lake Michigan Coast Line

2. East of Traverse City

3. South of Harbor Springs

4. At Mackinac Island

5. Grand Hotel (Mackinac Island)








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Hi paul m, BF, Eric, CT4ME, thanks! - training at Copper City really helped our confidence on our ability and CT!


Runtoeat, we did not stop near Traverse City this time, but we are thinking of going there very soon. Maybe we can do flyi-in?


Duane Jefts, didn't get the fudge, but had some ice cream...


CT, nice!


Since there is a CT fly ins more often in the west, does anyone think of doing one in the central/east? Something to think about?

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