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Ultimate remote flight


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I don't know that I'm brave enough to try it yet, but this strip is 900ft long right next to Pingualuit crater. X6P2319.jpghttp://www.nunavikparks.ca/en/parks/pingualuit/directions.htm

First need to fly into this town of 500 people, Kangiqsujuaq. kangiqsujuaq.JPG


So where is it?



I figure it would be a flight from ELY, MN to Timmons in Canada for an Airport of Entry then on to CYGL (Radisson) which is as far as any raod goes and finally the big 510nm leg to Kangiqsujuaq CYKG


Next May would be the time I'd like to try it. They actually require some basic survival equipment for any planes flying in these areas. Seems prudent http://www.equipped.com/ak_cnda.htm

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The CT is NOT the plane for that kind of trip. You need a tail dragger with tundra (bush) wheels. or better , a float plane.


There was a group going there this summer and I was thinking (of maybe ) going with them . After some research and good advise from pilots that really knows the area......NO WAY..


Just a bent gear there ..and I'm not talking about the black flies and high winds.


With a CT, with all the stuff you wil have to bring with you,, you would have to fly solo.


In this area, you can have the four seasons in the same day..

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I figured I'd want to have Tundra tires and a spare. I know quite a bit about survival equipment and know Doug Ritter at Equipped personally so the survival stuff would only add 15lbs per person with top-notch gear. But for sure you'd be screwed if you had any sort of serious mishap up there. You don't think Tundra tires are enough?

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