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Giant kudos to Roger Lee, Andy Walker and Jeremy McGregor


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Thanks to the help of Roger Lee, Andy Walker and Jeremy MacGregor (JM Aero Service & Repair, Tracy, CA.), I am now the new owner of N663CT, a 2006 CTSW.


On numerous occasions, Roger Lee provided me with invaluable advice on performance, maintenance and general information on Flight Design airplanes.  This advice from him was invaluable in my search for the right aircraft and at a fair price.  Thank you Roger.


Additionally, since the aircraft was based in San Jose, California, Roger recommended I contact Jeremy MacGregor (JM Aero Service & Repair, Tracy, CA.).  Jeremy did a thorough pre-purchase inspection, completed some maintenance cleanup items, installed a new SkyView instrument panel/autopilot and installed new Matco brakes and wheels.  The work was done at a fair price and Jeremy's follow-up service was stellar.  He wasn't happy until I was happy.


I highly recommend Jeremy.  The level of service he provided to me was outstanding and the pictures of the panel he installed speaks for itself.  Thank you Jeremy.


I also want to thank Andy Walker, a fellow CTSW owner, Athens, GA.  Andy helped me immensely, with the purchasing aspect and things a perspective buyer should be aware of.  I spent many evenings with Andy, talking about the CT product and what his experience was.  Thank you Andy.


Before I left Tampa to pick up my CT, I trained at Paragon Flight, Ft. Myers, Florida, in a CTLS.

Upon arrival at Tracy, CA., I did more training in my airplane, including a mini cross country.


Five days after arriving at Tracy, I flew N663CT back to Tampa, without any incident or mechanicals.  I did have to spend two nights in Waco, TX., due to severe winds.  Average cruise altitude for the flight was 7,500' and indicated cruise airspeed was 110 knots.  On the final leg, from Hattiesburg, MS. to Tampa, my average fuel consumption was 4.3 gph.  That final leg is here: http://flightaware.com/live/flight/N663CT.  I actually landed at X39 with about 15 gallons of fuel left.

Incidentally, this airplane only had 48 hours of total time on it when I purchased it.  Here are some pics of our new baby.


















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Great looking plane Bill. By the time I got back from work I figured was to late to call you back tonight, will try you tomorrow!


Congrats on your new plane!


Thanks Eric.

I am available tonight or tomorrow, whichever you prefer.

Looking forward to rapping with you a little.



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Very nice aircraft.  The insurance will initially give you nosebleed, but it will drop yearly as you get more hours in type.  Now, consider flying out to Page, AZ in October so we can see it.


Thanks Ron. . . .  :)

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