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Wine Country trip from Calgary


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Hi Jos,

I've been grounded this past month waiting for our local airfield to re-open for business and on top of all that the autumnal gales are sweeping across the country so I'm constantly running out side to check on the airframe stored behind my garage. It was great to see your trip knowing that at least somebody is getting the benefit of their aircraft. Lovely trip and beautiful scenery, that posting made my day, thanks.


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Probably my highest point was immediately west of Calgary crossing the Canadian Rockies at slightly over 10,000ft.


One could go a little lower but then I could not go direct.

As it was there were a few minor deviations to clear some of the higher peaks.


I did climb up to 9500ft (because I could) near Crater Lake just to look into the lake and pass between Crater Lake and the peak immediately (few miles) to the east.


The flight from Nevada County, California over the Sierras to Truckee and then Reno was surprisingly low at around 8500ft.

This terrain is wide open compared to what I am used to flying in the Canadian Rockies and relatively low.


One final time I climbed to 10,000ft just west of the Monida pass (Idaho to Montana) to go direct and take advantage of 25kts tail wind at that altitude.


Most of the time I fly 1500 feet above ground level because there are more details to see.

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