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Boeing Museum of Flight


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Flew into Boeing Field yesterday to visit the Boeing Museum of Flight. There were 4 planes in our group. A C-182, RV-8, RV-10, and my CTSW. Somebody had to bring up the rear and I did that well. Wasn't that far behind the 182 but the other two covered the 164nm trip just a little faster.


The museum has free parking so we avoided local FBO fees which were, I think, $10 or fill up with very expensive 100LL. Not to mention the museum parking was very close to the entrance. Also, if you are an EAA member more than 90 miles from home, admission was free.


If you have never been there you should plan a visit when in the Seattle area. It is a fantastic collection. The highlight for me was a UH-1H (Huey). Not just any Huey :wub: , but one that I flew while in the Alaska Army National Guard in the 1970's. Made me feel kind of old when the exact aircraft I flew many times is now a museum piece. :wacko:



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