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Flying down Tin Cup Pass - Colorado


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A group of us camp up towards the top of this pass every year. I have been wanting to fly down it for a while. Tried a few weeks ago, but hit some nasty turbulence right before reaching that set of mountains and figured it wasn't worth the risk. Came back yesterday morning and it was calm all the way there, over the mountains, and just a little bumpy down the valley. How lucky is that!



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNhVYykEBdA&feature=youtu.be Youtube killed the quality as usual, but watch in 1080p for best results.. thanks

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Nice! Good to see it from the air.  My brother and I and our wives, took my polaris ranger through Tin Cup Pass to St Elmo and back.  A bit of a rocky trail but a nice day in Colorado nevertheless.  Thanks for posting.

Awesome! not very many people even around here are familiar with that area. Yea, that trail is pretty rough going!


Couple hours to drive it, couple mins to float down it in the air lol



Thanks guys!!

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