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Brake pads when to replace??


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As roger said.


Marc liners are epoxied in place with a special epoxy. It's more expensive labor wise for such pads, but they last a lot longer.


Matco brake pads conform to Cleveland part 066-10600, so they aren't the only ones that you can order the liners from (that information comes from matco tech support). For example, aircraft spruce sells equivalent rapco liners (pn RA066-10600 on their site, but it's actually RA66-106 from Rapco). I personally like ordering from Matco though, because they include lots of rivets incase you mess one up! Plus you can get a set of pads and liners from their swiftline program (let them know you want to keep them to replace liners yourself), and you can then take a worn set off and replace the liners while having the other set ready to go and put on while you replace the old ones!


And FYI: You need this tool for liners, and a vice (clamps to the bottom ridge on the tool). Follow the instructions here on how to use it. Make sure you read them, you cannot put both the anvil and the punch on the tool at once or you will destroy the tool!

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Ok thanks I have a punch machine at work should work ok for that

Punching out rivets is fine, but make sure you have a tool head which bucks the correct type of shop head. You also need an appropriately sized anvil to hold the factory head during bucking. Side note: a shop head is the bucked side, the factory head is the manufactured top that comes from the factory. Rapco and matco strongly recommend a twist type tool because you only want to create a shop head that is tight enough to hold the brake lining in place, but does not put excessive pressure on the liner.


One more thing: rivets used on brakes are a brass alloy (high temp tolerance), and they are called semi-tubular rivets.

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