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GPS In-line amplifier


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I just got my CTLS back from Roger for an annual inspection that included the installation of a new ACK E-04 ELT and a Garmin GDL 39 ADSB receiver.


The problem is that the Garmin 696 can't put out enough GPS signal to power these two new items plus the EFIS and autopilot.  As is, the EFIS GPS input is "off and on" while the autopilot gets no input at all.


Providing one other "fix" doesn't work, Roger mentioned that I may need an in-line amplifier behind the 696 to provide a strong enough signal to get to all devices.


Does anyone have an idea what I need?  Initial searches came up blank.


Thank You.


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Just so everyone knows: RS-232 is a communication standard in computing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RS-232). When you are searching for repeaters/boosters/amplifiers, you are not looking for any particular manufacturer or model, as it's a wide open standard.


It's not a simple "insert into line" solution, you do need to know how to do some wiring as it will require tapping into the electrical system to provide power to the device.

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